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Head Start and Early Head Start are comprehensive child development programs which serve pregnant women and children from birth to five years of age. Head Start/Early Head Start has a long tradition of delivering high quality services designed to foster healthy development in children. To achieve this goal, Head Start/Early Head Start focuses on four major components: Education, Health, Parent Involvement and Social Services.

Head Start/Early Head Start has played a major role in focusing the attention of the nation on the importance of early childhood development, especially in the first five years of life. The program has led in efforts to improve the cognitive abilities of young children. The outreach and training efforts of Head Start programs have helped provide low-income parents with the knowledge and services they need to build a better life for their children.

Early Head Start

The Early Head Start program serves children ranging in age from birth to 3 years old, as well as pregnant mothers. We have five Early Head Start classrooms: three in Bell County and two in Whitley County. We also have    home-based services for the Early Head Start children in both Bell and Whitley Counties. For more information, contact us at 606-337-3044/606-549-3933 or stop by your nearest Bell-Whitley office.

Head Start

There are 9 Head Start classrooms in the Bell County School System, 18 Head Start Classrooms in the Whitley County School System, and 1 classroom in the 1 classroom in the Pineville Independent Schools, 5 classrooms in the Middlesboro Independent Schools.  For more information on Head Start contact us at 606-337-3044/606-549-3933 or stop by your nearest Bell-Whitley office.

To read our Annual Report for our Head Start / Early Head Start program, click the link below. (Must have pdf viewer to open report.)

2019 Head Start Annual Report

2021/2022 Head Start/Early Head Start Pre-Enrollment

Click the link below for access to the online application for Head Start / Early Head Start / Preschool Program. 

Parents/guardians can use our online application to apply for services for your age eligible children from any device with an internet connection.

 An interactive map shows where you live and the nearest centers so you can set a location preference.

We have classrooms in the Bell County School District, Whitley County School District, Middlesboro School System, Pineville School System and Williamsburg Early Head Start. 

Click here for the Pre-Enrollment Form

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