Weatherization Works

The Weatherization Works Program seeks to improve the energy efficiency of low-income households, by insulating, repairing or installing energy efficient heating systems. Repairing or replacing doors and windows and various other energy saving improvement can do this. This program serves low-income homes of the elderly, the disabled, and families with young children.

The Weatherization program can help to lower home energy cost by up to 20% per year. This can mean hundreds of dollars in savings to the household each year. Each year this program helps approximately 2000 low-income families in Kentucky. Priorities are given to elderly and disabled persons households.


"Community Action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other."

Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency is one of more than 1,000 Community Action Agencies in the United States. Organized in 1968 and incorporated in 1969, as part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to fight America's War on Poverty, Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency utilizes all resources available to help others to become self-sufficient

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